Monday, September 21, 2009

Good To Be Home

So lets celebrate by watching some TV clown getting pummeled.

Banksy is awesome:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What the Hell

Might as well do an actual blog post.

DBT have a new album out, I guess it's a new album of old songs, most of which I've heard before, but only live. Having them on the ipod is nice. For me the Tom Petty cover of "Rebels" is a standout, "When The Well Runs Dry" has always been a song I've liked, and "Play It All Night Long" just kills live. I'd say it's a must have for any Truckers fan, but if you're a Truckers fan, I'm sure you already have it.

Other new music I'm liking. Still Life Still has a new album called "Girls Come Too". I heard a track on the radio in Chicago and it sounded good so I got the album. It's good, and it keeps growing on me.

We Were Promised Jetpacks is also really good, very similar to "The Twilight Sad" who I also really like. They are both playing on tour with "Frightened Rabbit", I'd see it if I could. The SF show at the Independent is sold out on 9/18, but I'm in Texas anyway.

Speaking of Texas, I experienced my first Aggie football game yesterday. Pics of the spectacle here. Texas fashion at its finest.

I'm kind of avoiding politics lately, too much useless info, too much credence given to nut jobs followed by illiterate assholes. It wears me out.

Good post here though. It's all well and good to try and get all the animals on the ark, but you damn well better make sure you've got control of the helm first.

Trying to pay attention to the Vuelta, but having a hard time caring. All the riders I would root for are just using it as a tune up for Worlds. The Tour of Missouri starts tomorrow, that should be fun to watch. Both Thor and Heinrich will be there, putting in their own preparation for Worlds.

Friday, September 4, 2009